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Unfolding Your Human Potential

There is an innate energy that drives these leaves to grow, to unfold and come to light.

Every seed, as small as it might be, holds the full potential of the flower or tree-to-be.

Isn't that amazing?

And we, as human beings, follow the same energy, have our potential all in us - yet ever so often feel incomplete, lacking or overwhelmed by this thing called "life".

It is a radical shift to stop looking for guidance out there, for security and recognition.

All that is needed is a clear light that naturally offers us direction.

For plants it's the sun.

For humans it's inspiration.

Add water - called "love" in the human version,

and soil - a stable ground, a rootedness in the body.

What would it be like to develope a practice of kind self-awareness?

Checking in with the body: what sensations are here?

Connecting to the feelings: how do I feel in this moment?

And what thoughts come and go?

In holding all that is here,

what is pleasant and unpleasant,

what you like and don't like,

what is settling or unsettling,

holding the opposites in the container of your awareness

- bringing in a third element -

is the magical gateway to a new perception.

Welcome to a life that happens FOR you 🤍


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