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Unfolding from within

Impulses for a deeper everyday life

Find your simplicity

For many years I have had a passion: the passion to find simple responses to the challenges of my life and that of others.

As a mother of four children, more then once I came to a point where I simply KNEW that humanity would not have survived if all these problems and challenges we currently experience when raising children, were innate to the system. And I started to collect bits and pieces ...

Sitting silently

doing nothing

spring comes

and the grass grows by itself

Basho Japan, 17th century

There was one moment when I realized, that all the pain, suffering and personal confusion, that we experience around us (as well as in ourselves) are rooted in a pre-verbal and pre-logical time. Jean Liedloff and others have written about it. Rebecca Wild models a way of healing through the years of childhood. And each one of us can start here and now, start again or continue joyfully: we always find our life´s impulse, our Active Impulse, in ourselves.

Deep inside it is very quiet.

Deep inside it is very wide.

Maybe this is a moment full of pressure and confusion and you are not able to hold still enough for long enough to sink into yourself. You don´t have to do it alone. You don´t even "have to" :-)

I am inviting you to consciously focus your attention. This is an awareness training. Like any other skill this needs a bit of patience and time, before you experience great changes. So: just start now! Whenever you think of it, you can become aware of the state you are in:

What is going on physically?

Pressure, fickly, lightweighted ... - everything is welcome. I invite you to simply be aware of it. To experince the simplicity of this moment without any judgement.

What is going on emotionally right now?

Joy, despair, helplessness ... Nothing to do. This is how it is right now.

What is going on mentally, what are you thinking?

Blank, more thoughts then possibly graspable, judgements? Like the clouds in the sky they can be here. They are so swift - no need to hold on to them.

I this blog I am offering you inspirations to see the old world with new eyes. And I am filled with joy to share with more and more people the experience of bringing our slumbering potential to flower.

We now live in these wonderful times that allow the innate order of things to emerge and become visible.

Welcome from my heart!



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