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Close to yourself

"We can't be closer to another than we are to ourselves"

Our relationship with ourselves is the foundation of our relational life - how does that land?

Once we are adults every relationship invites us into a deeper understanding of ourselves,

our purpose,

and serves as a mirror.

Through my work with couples, families, and my own experiences of using my relationships as a mirror I can now say:

it's your job to take care of yourself.

And: it's YOUR precious life that you get to fully fill ❤️‍🔥.

From basic self-care, food and clothing to your emotional state - as adults we are invited by life to become clear on what works for us and what we need support with.

Ever so often we are grown-ups by age - yet not emotionally.

While that can sound depressing or challenging the beauty is:

life keeps on inviting us into our wholeness.

Into the totality of who we are.

Would you be willing to take full responsibility for your wellbeing?

Cook yourself a meal with love?

Give yourself that hug that you long for?

Listen to your perspective when no-one else is interested?

This is the precious process of post-maturation.

Rather than having to stay the victim of our upbringing, of "bads and goods" of our upbringing, we can decide to start using our challenges as chances.

We can learn to decipher what life is offering us here.

And I am happy and honoured to translate the language of life with you - for your unique process of post-maturation.

For your unique presence here.

This will bring you ever so closely to yourself


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