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Centers of Intelligence

The foundation for our higher human unfolding lies in the integration of our three centers of intelligence: our physical body, our emotional body, and our mental body.

It's as simple as building a house:

we start with the foundation.

Then we build the walls and roof.

Only much later come the details of furniture and flowers...

Nature offers us 21 to 24 years for this process!

This is what our childhood and the process of growing into adults is meant to be about:

seven years of experimenting and integrating on the physical plane.

Seven years of experiencing and connecting on the emotional plane.

Seven years of discovering and discerning on the mental plane.

Our struggles in our relationships point us to this:

they invite you to revisit your foundation -

and offer yourself the space and ingredients for post-maturation in these three bodies.

Only then are we able to naturally unfold our human potential.

Only from here can we rise and shine our unique light.

From the rootedness in the physical, emotional and mental body the higher planes open up.


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