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Holidays For Life

Discover more of yourself at Portugal's Costa Vicentina, Aljezur-Carrapateira 

When do you find time to clear up limiting habits?

Your holidays offer you the opportunity to view your life from a different perspective.
With our individually adjusted packages of sessions you can "tailor" your own "retreat".
While you tune into a different rhythm, our coaching offers you the opportunity to directly tackle an issue of your life, your relationship, your family's day-to-day life and to enrich your life beyond your holiday time.

What opens up when you look at your life from a different perspective, see familiar patterns in a new light, take a different approach towards problematic issues? You are offered the option to further unfold your potential and to deepen your relationship(s).
The one with yourself certainly as well!

For couples new forms of communication can be discovered, and you may widen your horizons in the field of sexuality. The latter often is the arena of (unconscious) power struggles and contains keys that can offer you surprising insights and relaxed spaciousness.

In families very different needs come together. Many wishes and hopes from the parents' perspective and the challenges of daily life might seem hard to combine. We offer you support and inspiration to use the family dynamics so everybody gains.

Our Offer

​Sessions with Maya Oppenländer


New-comer package has 3 sessions

Basic package includes 5 sessions

Intensive package offers 7 sessions

Times are individually arranged, for families appointments in the evening are possible.

Sessions for individuals: 60-90 min

For couples and families: 90-120 min

About Maya Oppenländer

Maya is married and mother of four children. For two decades she's been walking the path of a wHoly relationship with her husband, being inspired by Diana Richardson, Barry Long and the "Magdalena Manuscript". For some time she worked in an Active School, adapted from Rebeca Wild, accompanying the children. She began to work with parents and couples in 2001.
In 2003 she got to know the "Enneagram of Liberation" by Eli Jaxon-Bear and trained as a Leela Therapist. She is certified in Clinical and in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.

The Aljezur-Carrapateira Region

The Aljezur-Carrapateira region is located in the St. Vincent's nature park, on Portugal's Southwest coast, in the Algarve. The steep, impressive coastal cliffs are bordered by sandy beaches. On some beaches a river flows into the sea - ideal for younger children. The wide and wild nature invites you to unwind, get into deeper contact with yourself and recharge.

Naturally Wild Portugal

Carrapateira Surf

Quinta Azul Algarve
Casa Fontainhas Alfambras Aljezur

Accommodation of all kinds in the Aljezur - Bordeira - Carrapateira region are to be found here on Airbnb

More than Holidays - Time for Life


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