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Couples Fire

Are you aware that your partner is one of the most powerful mirrors you can find?


Our intimate relationship offers us a path that can take us beyond the limitations of ourselves.
I am passionate to support you in this fire, in a non-judgmental space and with a toolbox full of skillful means at hand.

    Welcome to book a session or a free 20 min conversation

Never ending arguments, a boring day-to-day life, high-reaching expectations, that you finally found “the one” who will change your life - romantic relationships offer a full range of potential misunderstandings and disillusionments.  

You might be newly in love, overflowing with joy, looking for tools and orientation for this shared journey.

Or in the middle of conflict, looking for firm ground to walk through the tempest of currently boiling-up emotions, or you feel like you've come out the other end, disillusioned and hopeless - as it is all YOUR life, I invite you to use the present situation to dive deeper.

In every adult there are those child-aspects that have not been fully integrated yet, and to unfold their healing potential we are being pointed to them. These are the raw spots and it mostly feels painful, so we tend to move away, neglect or avoid it.

Yet this pain is our ally, it invites us to mature into our full potential.


In our close relationships we are ruthlessly invited to step into full response-ability (= being able to respond). Only from here can we meet the other in her/his completeness.


It is my devotion to bring healing and balance into these conflicting energies that the current disorder on planet Earth mirrors back to us.


Welcome to get support

In our session

I invite you to agree to a set of guidelines that secures a safe space for both of you, and already offers you inspiration to take home.

Among the guidelines and tools are:

  • That one speaks at a time (and I will take care of that during the session)

  • Finding a form of verbal communication that works for your unique needs 

  • The invitation to start a new routine, an “emotional hygiene” if you will, just like brushing teeth

  • Including sexuality, and the space it offers beyond words

  • Discerning the “we” from “you” and “me”


Ready to jump?

My inspiration

It's magnetism that draws us to each other - and we become lovers.


If we stay committed, the day comes where the magnetism gets reversed - and the human being we once were irresistibly attracted to seems like the last one we want to be with.


Where is love? 


What happened?


The magic of life, the powerful energy that brings everything into balance, offers us the opportunity for deep healing.

Tom Kenyon made me aware of this: in our childhood we are shaped through our experiences, including the great heat and pressure of emotional challenges and painful events.

Now, the same “pressure” and “heat” are needed to heal us. On a deep level. And it feels just as painful and emotionally challenging. 


Can you feel how helpful it is to simply become aware of this?


As you know the dynamic, the whole scene changes: where there was pain - you see healing to come. Where there was an emotional challenge - a deeper compassion is evolving.


What might look like the end of the relationship turns into a rich opportunity to grow and mature together.

To wake up and see how you are of deep support for each other.

Whether in staying together or not can show up naturally then. 


No-one needs to walk this path alone - welcome to get supported in a non-judgmental, kind and firm way during these transformational times.


Welcome to meet in a session or for a free 20 min conversation

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