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Exploring the Enneagram


Nine Gateways to Essence

The Enneagram offers us a powerful wisdom mirror; an invitation for self-inquiry and self-realization.

A mystery teaching through the centuries, this sacred tool now provides us with a language to name the patterns, rhythms and energies that are running in us, our relationships, and all around us.

In giving words to the underlying current of moods and reactions, like lostness, vulnerability or resistance, we shine the light of our awareness on aspects that have been here all along, unnoticed before.

This awareness has the potential to change our lives.

Together we can go exploring with the Enneagram. You are welcome to find out more below, and contact me for details and booking a session.

When veils of automatic behaviours are lifting, we see who we really are.

Mapping our patterns, recognising how our neediness, anger or fear play into our interactions, realizing how our machine is running - already makes a difference. 
And in starting to be consciously aware, we become enabled to make a choice.

This „point of choice“ is crucial– it allows us to step out of unconscious patterns and connect on a deeper level to our essence, our untouched being.

Eli Jaxon-Bear´s book: “The Enneagram of Liberation” (now: Fixation to Freedom)  opened my eyes to the different patterns of inbuilt survival strategies. Strategies that help the human animal to survive - and that are the main challenge on our path to waking up to the truth of who we are.

Evolving with the Enneagram for almost two decades, sensing the vibrations around me, discovering more details and subtle nuances changed my life. I am overflowing with gratitude and love to share this with you!

H. A. Almaas´ and  Sandra Maitris insights have supported my deeper understanding and  I got trained as a Leela Therapist in Eli Jaxon-Bears  school (

In exploring the Enneagram we gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that keep us trapped, no matter how hard we “work at ourselves”. We will gain insight into how we relate to ourselves,  and our relationships with others start clearing up.

Do you strive for happiness?

By human condition we all do – and find a full spectrum of suffering on this planet. How can it be that this deep and shared desire shows up as violence, ignorance and greed? In problems and suffering?

Opening up to the wisdom of the enneagram doesn't offer flashy solutions nor sparkling promises – it offers deeper understanding of the patterns at work, taking away the veils of misidentification as a "somebody" with certain characteristics and a limited perception.


We could say that just as we are "equipped" with a specific physiognomy, defining the colour of our eyes and the shape of our feet, we also are given a "survival kit" of strategies, called “character fixations" in the language of the enneagram.

To survive in a community, it serves to be helpful - or strong. You can be the one who "knows it all“ or contribute exquisite artwork. Or you might cheer up everyone around through your presence: there are nine basic "sets" of these strategies.

While the reflection is as complex as the cosmos, offering layers and layers of insights and revelations, as soon as we start learning this language, new worlds open up and we can notice the difference this shift makes straight away.


This is not a teaching you have to believe in. Maybe we can call it a reflection of the laws of the universe, and the various vibrations and movements can be discovered without even using the enneagram.

Unveiling the structures of character fixations brings us in touch with essence.
It is of great support to stop taking myself, my automatic responses and reactions, personally, and in extending my understanding how the other person – partner, child, relative, shopkeeper – is simply displaying a set of fixated behaviours, made for survival, veiling true essence,  the quality of our relationship changes.

The enneagram offers a map to step beyond "being a someone in a world", to realizing the powerful truth of our deepest nature, the capacity of our human potential.



Rooted in Pythagoras´ "holy mathematics of the cosmos", used in pre-islamic mystery schools it is a secret teaching in Sufism, and was fleshed out psychologically by Claudio Naranjo, who learned it from Oscar Ichazo. Through Karen Horney, a soft rebellion of psychoanalysis, Naranjo gained a deeper understanding into the character forms of human beings and is the fundament of the enneagram as it is being taught in our time.

Gurdjieff included it into his teachings, as this ancient symbol represents universal laws. It inspired Nikola Tesla in developing the use of free energy: "If you know three, six and nine – you know it all".

After all, we only have these nine numbers - and fascinating mathematical laws are to be discovered here.


Plus a little story to give you a taste of how we can start looking from a different perspective and discover  movements and inbuilt, fixated behaviours in us and around us:


“Once upon a time in a small kitchen, with several cupboards right where the workspace is, there was a mother who lived here with her three children. One day her oldest son was standing there cutting vegetables, and she needed a pot from the cupboard in front of him. In coming closer, the boy seemed to extend his presence a bit, maybe he demanded "what do you want?" and there was a subtle (or more obvious) resistance. She says that she needs a pot and he gives way.

The next day her daughter was helping in the kitchen. When the mother approaches her to get the pot out, there is contact between the two, maybe a physical touch, they share this moment and move to the side together so the mother can get the pot out.

The following day her other daughter helped her, not so experienced yet with cutting vegetables. When the mother approached her with the intention to get the pot out, the girl sensed it and moved away before she was even there or said a word. When the mother says that she needs the pot the girl quickly moves away even further, more out of the way.

The mother loves all her children and goes along with their different ways, and they eat delicious meals every day and live a happy life.”


I invite you to get a feeling of how you can start seeing your life with different eyes, opening up to the subtle aspects of energy flow. There is a world of vibration to be discovered by stepping beyond the limiting “program” you take as yourself. Do you want to become aware of the undetected survival mechanisms  and make a choice? In stepping back and connecting to what is deeper than survival we start to live freshly and to flower.


The enneagram can be experienced in a group setting and explored one-on-one. Online sessions are available.

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