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Maya Oppenländer


Unfolding From Within

Are you living from the depth of your being?

Each of us has the potential to unfold from within and feel fully alive - unfolding from our invisible connection with Source. The power of life expressed in nature is active in us, too. However, this power is often dimmed by unconscious limitations that we develop in response to loss, hurt or trauma.

Being fully present with you, I welcome you to an inner journey to tap into your potential, to liberate & refresh your connection with your physical, emotional and mental body.

As you open to see, feel and experience whatever is present in you, healing naturally happens: your relationship with yourself and others becomes clearer, more aligned and mature; you liberate your life force and own your Active Impulse; you tap into your slumbering potential.

Whatever your life circumstances are - you are welcome to find your unique solutions and hidden treasures!

Every experience that hasn’t been fully processed and integrated gets stored away and freezes part of our life energy.

This then shows up in stress patterns, "bad luck", unhappiness, any kind of challenging relationship and addictions - is this familiar? We tend to label these experiences as “obstacles”, but what if they are just the opposite of that - merciful reflections that show you where you live as less than the totality of you? 

I meet you in a kind and non-judgmental way to support you in re-connecting with your wholeness and the unfolding of your full human potential.

I meet you where you are with the challenges your life holds. Through an open heart and an empty mind plus a toolbox full of skillful means I support you in re-connecting to your innate wisdom and healing power. 

Living as a couple presents us with a wide range of learning opportunities - welcome to use the potential that awaits you here.

I offer support in meeting yourself exactly where you are at and reconnecting with your wholeness. 
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The ancient wisdom mirror of the enneagram offers a powerful tool for self-inquiry and self-realization. I support you in seeing through the patterns of automatic reactions to the truth of who you are.

The unfolding of the full human potential lies in your hands - and you are meant to be supported here. Welcome to tap into the healing power parenting has to offer: to yourself, your child and thus to the world. I take you by the hand as you discover your unique solutions.

The Mothersphere Course is now available
Six modules video course by Maya & Laura Shaw -  what we found most useful on our parenting path, free live calls throughout the year and a supportive community of other mothers.


Holidays for Life

Your holidays offer you the opportunity to view your life from a different perspective.
With our individually adjusted packages of sessions you can "tailor" your own "retreat". While you tune into a different rhythm, our coaching offers you the opportunity to directly tackle an issue that is calling for attention: in you, your relationship or in your family situation, to enrich your life beyond your holiday time.

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