Follow Your Source


Enneagram, conflict resolution, for individuals, couples & families

Unfolding From Within


Unfolding from within - this is nature's invisible power, that resonates in each being. Your Active Impulse is your supportive device, throughout your life, always ready to re-connect. Supported by your threefold "system" - your physical, emotional and mental body - you find guidance here.


Are you living from the depth of your being?

Do you feel fully alive?

Obstacles in life are useful signposts: by overcoming them we can develop the qualities we need.

As life is a journey rather than a still-life, we are being guided to grow, to expand and to flower.

Sometimes the guidance might seem rough ... Or is it us who are resistant?! Whatever your story may be: I am a human being like you, fragile, vulnerable, imperfect.
No reason to be ashamed of anything. My open presence allows you to not be alone anymore and this is already the beginning of a process, of change, of healing.

Ready to re-discover your slumbering potential?

Curious to get into touch with your Active Impulse?

Longing for orientation?

Whatever your life circumstances are - welcome to find your unique solutions and hidden treasures!



How do you live your life?

Where do you find orientation and guidance?

Like seeds our unused abilities and qualities slumber until the circumstances for flowering are favourable.
Our threefold "system" - the physical, emotional and mental body - is our supportive device. If we recognize the signs from our Source, we can follow them more and more effortlessly.
Cultural belief and education systems, more often than not, focus on our behaviour, our appearance and our status - the "outer" aspects of ourselves, that which is visible to the world. While life as such, is the invisible power that drives acorn seeds to grow into trees, and a little egg and sperm to develop into a complex human being.


In our session (in person as well as online) I offer you an open, non-judgmental space (being your True Friend) to see your situation more clearly. Is it recurring patterns, old woundings, a disorder or an overwhelming present situation that veil your true being?

Through mirroring, finding the natural order of things, and entering a relaxed state (theta brain waves), where the resources of your subconscious mind are accessible, you connect to your unchangeable core and gain a new perspective on your life. This leads to living your life more fully, finding joy, as well as growing inner peace.



Living as a couple often starts with an overflow of joyful feelings - enough for the whole world and an endless stretch of time, or so it seems at first. If you find yourself in this situation it is an ideal time to use the positive energy to set up a "supportive device" for your journey together. 
Maybe you are looking for a firm ground to walk through the tempest of currently boiling-up emotions?
You might have passed those sparkling days a long time ago and find yourself stuck with your partner or spouse in seemingly hopeless and entangled circumstances. Misunderstandings and negativity predominate. Certain "knots" may seem impossible to untie.


Whatever your starting point is, you can choose NOW to fall back to the support that is always there: your own supportive system, connecting heaven and earth, that unfolds from deep inside your Source.

Along with a set of helpful guidelines for deep two-on-two conversations, verbal and non-verbal, I support you with an open heart (as your True Friend) to find your unique path and set-up as a couple. 

In our session I invite you to perceive and trust your own signals, often covered up by cultural habits, and to listen to what your partner is expressing about her/himself. Identifying the knots, finding the natural order of things, and shining the light of your conscious awareness on them opens new perspectives and supports their untying and dissolving. You may find yourself laughing in liberation, thus shaking the dust off your soul (and relationship).
It is my devotion to support the healing of our current disorder on planet Earth through the healing of the misunderstandings, hurts and emotional turmoils that inevitably occur between a woman and a man who have decided to grow through the path of devoted partnership.

Where it is most painful you are right at the core of growth and transformation. Welcome!



"Family" - the sound of this word is meant to evoke feelings of being at home and being cared for. Safe and held. For many parents nowadays this is not a reality they have experienced. And if you have experienced it you may still struggle in providing your own child / children with these qualities.

It might seem as if we had to invent the wheel anew...


What are your guidelines as a parent?

"Family" - the sound of this word evokes images and emotions of all kind, ranging from feeling at home and being cared for, safe and held, to sad and painful memories.  
Many parents strive to give their best - yet you might find yourself struggling in providing your own child/children with these aimed for qualities.

It might seem as if we had to invent the wheel anew...
What are your guidelines as a parent?
How can you deal with the gap of what you wish to pass on and to provide your children with, and your own experiences and internalized patterns, often stress-related? For your child to be born there had to be an initial impulse - this "impulse" guides your child through every moment of his/her life, beyond any morals or educational expectations.

By finding a way to provide your child with the inner and outer space for growth and expansion, along with a reliable "homebase", while dealing with your own growth and its likely obstacles, you both gain in life quality.

In this process - life IS a process! - nature supports us: while accompanying your baby, your child, your teenager you can take your own "inner baby/ child/ teenager" by the hand and open up to being restructured and "healed" yourself.

Whichever issue arises is the doorway to start - and here I offer you the support of my accepting heart along with knowledge of developmental etapes, brain development and the effect of relationships based on respect. In the end, the quality of your relationship with your child is the only thing that stays - Welcome!  

Sessions for one or two of the parents (in person and online) and/or a visit in your home,
your natural environment, are offered.


Your only real choice is between fear and trust. Your original source continues emitting signals of guidance and you can fall back on it in any moment, unfolding from within.

My Story

From early childhood on I noticed that the people around me didn't act according to their words, from their cores. Later I found out that this was the socially accepted way. Growing up under the threat of the Cold War and the "red button" - the atomic bomb - I was searching for models and ways of interaction worth living.

Suffering from anorexia and bulimia in my teens I needed tools to bring my inner and outer world in accordance with each other. In the 12-Step-Program I found valuable support.

Getting into touch with the psychosomatic approach via Rüdiger Dahlke, Roberto Kaplan and others, I achieved a major reduction in my shortsightedness, which impressed me more than my formal studies of English and Spanish literature and the Scheffel-Price for literature I had received.

The search went on, leading me to explore various forms of relationships, travel extensively, to eat organic, have my children in a natural birth process at home, and to find my greatly longed for "new world" through Rebeca and Mauricio Wild´s "non-directive" approach, which I could experience by working in an "active school" accompanying the children in self-supported learning. 

The Spiritual Enneagram of Eli Jaxon-Bear and his True Friend therapy continue to deepen my perception. (The enneagram is an ancient tool of self-exploration, having been used in pre-Islamic mystery schools, originating from Pythagoras's "holy mathematics of the universe". Gurdjieff included it into his teachings.)

In 2011 my husband and I took a next step to live our life according to the Active Impulse of our Source: we moved to Portugal with our children, to provide the necessary space and prepared environment to meet all our different developmental needs. We now live in a peaceful valley, and all the problems showing up are inevitably ours... :-)

These manyfold experiences provide the basis from which I work today: being the mother of four free-learning children, as well as having further education in Non-Directive Attitude. Advanced training in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, and being a Leela School Therapist, along with years of studying and practicing tools for deep intimate relationships through Barry Long, D. & M. Richardson and Scott Peck provide me with ample tools to support your process.

Your only real choice is between "automatic", outwardly impulsed behaviour and following your original Source, unfolding from within.